Fiberglass Doors better than Wood Doors ?

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Fiberglass Doors better than Wood Doors ?

Postby Grahamson » Tue Feb 05, 2013 3:18 am

Despite their beauty wood doors are often prone to problems that vary from warping, sagging and routine maintenance.Fiberglass doors offer five times the insulation of wood, on the other hand, have the genuine look and feel of a wood door without the head-aches. They do not chip, warp, rot or crack and don't require periodic painting. In addition, they are lighter so they're easier on the hinges and don't sag after time.
Fiberglass can be molded with wood graining and extremely intricate detail -- far more than we ever imagined possible. Fiberglass door systems are more resistant to forced entry than wood doors and offer an adjustable security strike plate that withstands 450 pounds of force. In wet climates, a wood door can rot; fiberglass won't. What do you this better or should we stick to the traditional wood.
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