Customer cancellation email request form Instructions

Below the dashed line is the template for the contract holder to cut and paste into their email, fill in and send to us, to give their 1 weeks notice to cancel their license for using any cleaner that has been allocated to them by the agency.

Please kindly ensure the following is completed so we do not need to return the document to you which can cause a delay in processing:

  1. All the needed information spaces with the green stars * are to be filled in
  2. The email is sent by the contract holder from their email address and not through the website's contact us form.

We are not able to put our email address on this site or it will get picked up by spammers, we hope you have it from our previous replies to communications, if not please do contact us so we can give it to you.

Once the below form is received we will send you an email to confirm your cancellation with a cancellation code showing your cancellation within 2 working days of the date we received your email.

Please do say if there is anything else we can do to assist, or if you have any questions?


Customer cancellation email request form Instructions

Dear Amy Cleaning,

This email is my completed form to give one week's notice to cancel my employment agency license to use any of the cleaners allocated to me by Amy Cleaning as per my contract:

As per my contract I understand that if I wish to use someone who has been allocated from your database after my license has expired, I can:

  1. Order a one off clean.
  2. Restart my quarterly license.
  3. pay the introductory fee of £500 + the equivalent of four quarters agency fee.

If a cleaner is used and 1 or 2 has not been pre ordered, then option 3 is due, this amount is subject to prompt payment after cleaner is used.

Details of contract
*all fields marked by asterisk need to be fill in
Building Name:
Flat/Office Number:
*Building Number:
*Street Name:
*Address Line 1
Address Line 2
*Home Tel:
*Work Tel:
*Email address 1:
Email address 2:
*Prefix(ie. Mrs, Ms, Mr, Dr, etc.)
*First Name:
*Middle Name:
*Last Name:
*Company Name (if applicable):
*Key arrangenments (if required):
*Final cleaning date (if required):
*Reason for Leaving:
The service is mainly built from ideas and feedback from customers; we would love to know if you have any ideas as to how we can improve the service, no matter how small:
Customer Comments: