Our Cleaners It's the highly stringent vetting and testing procedure that all applicants must go through that makes Amy Cleaning so popular with customers, ensuring they can trust their cleaner from the offset.

Only 1 in 55 of the cleaners who apply for work with Amy Cleaning are accepted. Cleaners must pass our 6 step vetting and screening process.

  1. 2013

    1. Provide two references

    A candidate's references from their previous employments must show experience and ability to clean in a domestic environment. We go to great lengths to ensure that references are true and accurate.

  2. 2012

    2. Provide proof of identification

    This must include a passport, driving license, home office papers and a birth certificate, as well as proof of address. Our managers are experienced in identifying legitimate documentation.

  3. 2011

    3. Be able to work in the UK

    We are very strict in this area, both for the protection of our clients, the company and our reputation. Amy Cleaning will never hire anyone who is not legally allowed to work in the UK.

  4. 2011

    4. Pass an interview

    Our team has years of experience in in-depth interviewing, and our methods are totally effective in finding the best domestic cleaners. If we have any slight concerns then we do not pass that person.

  5. 2011

    5. Pass an english test

    The English test is very carefully designed to ensure that the potential cleaner has the necessary level of English to freely and easily communicate with customers.

  6. 2011

    6. Pass a three-part cleaning exam

    Candidates must pass a written, oral and practical cleaning and ironing exam in a test flat. These exams are carried out one-on-one with an examiner to ensure our high standards are met.

  7. 2011

    7. Go through and pass our extensive training program

    Our training course has been carefully designed by our experienced managers, and run personally by an instructor. Each module includes a written, practical and oral test.

  8. 2011

    8. Regularly monitored

    Our inspectors check and verify their work at a cleaning site, this results in a pass, fail or if the candidate needs a specific training and re testing program.

All the cleaners we work with have to pass the vigorous Amy Cleaning vetting procedure, so you can rest assured your cleaner will be...

Carefully reference-checked

One of the first things cleaners must do when applying to work with Amy Cleaning is provide very good references, and we check each and every one.


Only 1 in 55 applicants to Amy Cleaning pass our stringent application and testing process; our customers have come to expect only the very best.

Interviewed and tested

Each of our cleaners undergo interviewing and testing in both practical and theoretical aspects of cleaning so we know they meet our standards.

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Fully trained

All of our cleaners go through our in-depth training course, which has been designed by our experienced managers and an expert cleaning chemist.

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Regularly monitored

We carry our regular inspections to ensure your cleaner is reaching the standards we expect. We also invite feedback from our customers.


All Amy Cleaning customers are covered by our insurance as part of the agency fee, so you can rest assured your property is protected.

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We would be nothing without our amazing lineup of experienced cleaners. Here are just a few of the cleaners we work with...


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