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Amazingly Amy Cleaning’s size is actually limited by the number of great domestic cleaners we can get and not by the number of customers we could get if we advertised more. In fact often we hardly advertise because orders from customer referrals use up all the cleaners we can get. If we could get more great cleaners we would be twice the size than we are.

Once we find an amazing cleaner who is free, we know that if we do not get them work within 1 week or less they will find work elsewhere. This is because great cleaners can easily find work (as opposed to less great cleaners who cannot).

Normally we have enough customers to quickly fill their schedules, but sometimes we find:

Cleaner recruitment: More great cleaners respond to our recruitment advertising than normal.

Last minute customer cancellations: We do not get many cancellations, but when we do, sometimes customers have to cancel last minute. So although they have given their 1 months notice cancellation to the agency, they are not using the services of the cleaner over this period. As a result we did not have time to plan new jobs for the cleaner. Customers reasons for this are normally things they could not have predicted themselves, such if they have to quickly move abroad for work or there are other such circumstances.

In these situations where we could not increase our advertising because we could not predict this and immediately increasing advertising would not get more customers fast enough for these domestic cleaners, if we cannot quickly get these cleaners customers quickly we will lose them.

It is better for us to send these messages to subscribers to find customers with a lower agency fee, than to lose those cleaners as they will soon find work elsewhere. As a result special offers normally say they are available for customers who order:
• In the next few hours or couple of days
• For the next 5 customers that apply
• Something similar as once those cleaners are fully booked we cannot continue the offer.

In areas where it is hard to get domestic cleaners like for example the city of Bath these special domestic cleaning offers come up much less often, but for areas like parts of the East End of London where it is easier to get cleaners they come up more often. On average when looking at all areas, they come up every 6 weeks to 3 months, but it is something we just cannot really predict.
We promise:
• To only contact you if a special offer comes up in your area
• Not to contact you more than once per month
• Not to pass on your details to anyone else
• To stop contacting you if you ever ask us to
• We will not pass your email address on to any third party.

We cannot be sure if and when these offers come up. In some areas where it is harder for us to find cleaners they do not come up very often, but in areas where it is easier for us to find a cleaner they come up more often.