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Domestic Cleaning Service Training

Our training course has been carefully designed by our experienced managers, and an expect cleaning chemical chemist. There are never more than 5 cleaners on the training course, it is all done personally by an instructor, and we never use videos. It has many modules, each comprises of training with an instructor, with a written, practical and oral test at the end.

Oral instruction: 
The instructor verbally instructs and demonstrates to the cleaners how to clean. This includes a cleaning chemicals demonstration accompanied by written course notes. (Extracts of this can be seen in our cleaning guide)

Customer Service: 
Scheduling, time keeping, honesty, reliability, and all other things which will enable our domestic cleaners to treat their customer with care and respect.

Practical Domestic Cleaning training: 
Practical cleaning exercises in our training centre. This is where our instructors demonstrate how to clean and the potential domestic cleaners show what they have learned. For example we can really see if a cleaner knows how to apply cleaning chemicals to a sink, scrub, rinse them off and then fully dry the surfaces to ensure that no hard water is left behind which will lead to lime scale.

Health and Safety: 
We cover all the important aspects of health and safety and this part of our training has been designed and is overseen by our full time health and safety officer. It covers COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health) and all the other aspects of modern health and safety. 

Green Cleaning: 
Green cleaning is not just great for the environment but good for the health of the whole household. The course covers how to create green cleaning materials from household products and how to apply them. This is a new part of the course and as much as we love these methods of cleaning many customers still prefer using chemicals, as a result if you would like green cleaning please tell us and we will supply you with a 'Green Domestic Cleaner'.

Also included in the training modules is role playing games, spot tests, demonstrations involving the cleaners and other such interactive parts of the training that each cleaner in the course is randomly asked to partake in. They also have periodic breaks which ensures that the potential cleaners are able to absorb the information and use the cleaning materials correctly .

The interactivity of the training also enables the instructor to quickly tell who is a going to be an excellent domestic cleaner and who will sadly not. This will enable us to get the right domestic cleaner to the right customer, in a way that we will only see when covering the less common parts of a cleaner's duties.

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