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The Agency Fee includes insurance for damage to property.

The insurance has a £100 excess as it is designed for major damage and bleach spills are not covered. 

Please kindly also inform us promptly or in advance where possible, of any changes to when you use the cleaner.

The excess:

The excess is purely because

* For claims under £100 it costs more to process the claim, than the amount of the claim itself.
* A good and thorough cleaner will break a glass every few years simply because they are human. If a glass or mug is never broken, it means they are never cleaning anything.
* Without the excess, clients were claiming for everything such as an iron that simply broke because it was old, when the cleaner had done nothing wrong with it.

The above would increase the price of insurance for all our customers.


Please note that the insurance does not cover bleach damage. This is because bleach whitens things but does not actually clean them, so it is better to use other cleaning solutions. 

Just to be sure customers tend to not give their cleaner access to any cleaning products containing bleach.

Changes of times and days:

The insurance cover requires that it is aware of the times and days you have your cleaner.

If you change days, times or do not use a cleaner for a certain clean or cleans, please simply inform the agency in advance where possible, or within 2 working days of the clean. 

This is so the insurance can be transferred onto these different hours or added to your account to use in future. If you do use these hours at a future date we need to inform the insurance in advance.

They also need the client to say the changes directly to the agency and not through the cleaner.

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