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Getting the most from the cleaning agency

We really want you to get the very best from our service, if there is anything you are not happy with we would love it if you could please can you kindly contact us as quickly as possible so that we can try and resolve it.

* Please call the agency If ever you would like us to allocate you a new cleaner, have a temporary one to cover your regular cleaner’s sickness or holidays.
* The better the direct feedback you give us, the better we can understand and serve your needs.
* We recommend contacting the agency directly if there are things you would like us to do, rather than asking the cleaner to tell us.

We really want you to be happy and find a major part of that is making you feel comfortable to tell us so if there is anything you are ever not totally satisfied with, no matter how small.

As your cleaning agency the worst thing for us to hear is “for the last few weeks the cleaner has been mediocre, or not great on a certain aspect of their cleaning” or any other issue. We really strive for you to receive great cleaning in every way.

Clients do of course normally find out about things before we do, if we were told earlier we would have been able to sort out the problem immediately.

Also we would love to know not just for you, but for the other customers who use the same cleaner:

We find that if a customer does not contact us quickly, the customer gets more annoyed and the problem does not get better. The customer is unhappy so leaves the agency, the cleaner and the agency loose the job when it could have easily been resolved at an earlier stage. 

Sometimes the customer does not want to contact the agency to be nice to the cleaner, but of course it eventually results in the customer leaving the agency which is worse :

* The cleaner looses the job and has been denied the opportunity for retraining, or whatever could have solved the problem. 

* If the problem would be resolved by the current cleaner being changed, the cleaner looses the job anyway, but also another would be replacement cleaner is denied the job as the customer has left the agency, so it does not help anyone. 

*The loss of the customer also means the agency gets smaller so cannot re invest in growing the business which in turn provides jobs for more cleaners.

Also, if you are ever not happy with your cleaning consultant at the office there are feedback links on every page of our website that go straight to a feedback form. This goes straight through to senior management who investigate every issue.

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