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How to order a replacement cleaner online

You can quickly and easily order a regular cleaner if you would like to replace or change your regular domestic cleaning person. 

You can also order temporary ones to cover your regular cleaner if they are sick or go on holiday.

The quickest, easiest and simplest way to request a replacement cleaner is online. 

It is very easy to do, but for your peace of mind we have put step by step instructions below.

You are also more than welcome to telephone, email or fax the office for a replacement cleaner, of course manually processing your request can never be as quick as the online service, but of course many customers still prefer this way and we are delighted to serve them.

This answer is purely to give technical help about ordering a replacement cleaner online. For more general information about the domestic cleaning agency service please see the Questions and Answers area of this website.

How to order a replacement cleaner online:

1, Log into the website

2, Go to the My Profile page

3, On the My Profile page is a “Request a cleaner section”. 

4, Within this section you can click on the link called “New cleaner request”. 

5, Enter your requirements and press the “Post Job button”. 

Instead of using the New Cleaner Requests link, you can also resubmit one of your previous online cleaner requests which are saved on the system. 

So if your current request is the same as one of your previous ones, you can simply reactivate one of your previous ones to save time as you do not have to re-write one.

Your job is checked by the office and we carefully go through our database of cleaners to choose the cleaner we think will suit your requirements. Once we have matched you up to our best choice of cleaners, we contact the cleaner to check they want the job, then go through the details of your requirements.

We allocate you the cleaner by giving the cleaner your contact details, we will also contact you to tell you that this has been done and then you will also be able to see the cleaners details and contact details on your My Profile page. Most customers like to contact the cleaner directly to sort out their interview, first clean and so on. They find it best to speak directly to the cleaner as this is of course the quickest and most efficient way to instruct the cleaner of their requirements. However the agency is delighted to speak to your cleaner for you to organise your interview and cleaning if you prefer.

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