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Domestic Cleaning Service options

There are three easy ways to pay the agency fee, and the cleaner is paid directly by the client.

1, One off cleans

Please see the one off cleaning section.

2, Regular Domestic Cleaning Service

This is by far the most popular as it includes the entire service which we are very proud of.

Insurance, ability to change your cleaner whenever you like, temporary cover cleaners should your cleaner be sick or on holiday, and help and advice from our highly trained and experienced domestic cleaning consultants.

A license to use a cleaner for a certain number of hours per week, which is paid monthly.

The Agency fee is only due once we have allocated you a cleaner from the database, so we have found you a cleaner. You can change the cleaner whenever you want to, and have temporary cleaners to cover your regular cleaner's sickness and holidays.

3, Introduction Fee

Although many customers love this, it is not as popular because it does not include insurance, ability to change your cleaner and temporary cover cleaners.

This entitles you to pay a one off introduction fee, and then use the cleaner forever for the pre agreed amount of time per week.

It is just £500 plus 12 times what the monthly agency fees would be for that amount of usage per week.

If a cleaner is used, monthly payments are not in place, and it is not the date and time of a pre agreed one off clean, then this is the fee that is due.

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