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What is the minimum amount of time a cleaner can come for?

Each area has a different amount of minimum hours per job. 

These are according to:
-the local market rates in those areas that local domestic cleaners can get, this is whether it is through other cleaning agencies, or people finding a cleaner directly.
-the amount of local people wanting domestic cleaning work.

For example in Central London it is currently 2 hours per visit for a weekly job, or 4 hours per visit for a fortnightly job.

However in Esher in Surrey it is 4 hours for a weekly job as well as 4 hours for a fortnightly job.

Please use the online quoting tool on the website, or call the office to find the minimum amount of hours a cleaner will do a job for in your area.

We ensure we stick to these market rates so we can get great cleaners, who in turn will do a great job for you.

The cleaners will go for the best regular domestic cleaning jobs they can get, we have found that a cleaner who is willing to do a job that is less than those hours per visit, normally accepts it because they cannot get cleaning jobs that are those hours or more elsewhere. This is normally because the cleaner is not very good.

Also we find that if a job is less than these hours, a cleaner may take it on temporarily as in the short term they need work. However the cleaner is normally then constantly on the look out another job where there are more hours per visit. 

So although customers may at first be pleased, later on they are annoyed by the number of times their cleaner has changed as a result of this, so it is something we prefer not to start.

Sadly a visit which is less than those hours is not economic for the cleaner, by the time they have:

* Travelled to your home, even if it is close, which is something the agency will do it's best to ensure is the case. However in some areas that cleaners literally cannot afford to live in, there will inevitably be some travel time needed, which is why they may have a higher minimum number of hours per job.
* Likewise travelled to their next customer, even if it is nearby.
* Read your requirements, taking and organising the cleaning materials and machinery from your cupboards, putting them back, and so on.
* All the other things that happen with cleaning jobs.

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