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If I am not happy with my cleaner ?

We are ready and waiting to help you, please call the agency as soon as possible. 

We really want you to be happy, so if there is anything you are ever not totally satisfied with, no matter how small please let us know so that we can speak to your cleaner, allocate a new one or whatever is needed to rectify the problem. 

Having a cleaner is a very personal thing, we often liken ourselves to a dating agency, for example:

-A cleaner that one person loves for their diligence and detail, another person could find slow and annoying. 
-Another cleaner that one customer loves because they are quick and have a good traditional sense of house cleaning, another person may not like because they find them a bit pushy. 

Although people are normally delighted with the first cleaner we recommend. Please do feel free to try out many cleaners to make sure you have the cleaner that is best for you, we really want you to be happy and of course we need your help and feedback to do this.

As your house cleaning agency the worst thing for us is if a customer tells us “for the last few weeks the cleaner has been okay” or any other issue.

Even worse is if a customer is not happy about something, maybe even a small thing, but decides not to tell the agency to be nice to the cleaner. 

Such unresolved things are comparable to untreated blisters, in the end if untreated 'the blister bursts', they get upset with the cleaner, so stop using the cleaner and the customer may even leave the agency. Of course if we were told about it in the beginning, we would have retrained your cleaner, changed them or done what was needed to sort things out so there would not have been a problem. 

This is another reason why we encourage clients to tell us if there is anything they are not happy with, so we can sort things out at the beginning and there are not any problems.

If they had told us we would have sorted it out immediately.

We want to make you feel comfortable to tell us if there are any issues, no matter how small so that we can sort them out for you. We rely on quick, clear and loud feedback. 

We would also love to know not just for you, but for the other customers who use the same cleaner.

So if there are any issues, please do give us a call.

Also, in the very rare situation that you ask for a completely new cleaner and we fail to do so within 4 working days, so you do not have a clean for a week, we can issue you a credit note. 
Of course we need you to have been asked for a replacement cleaner or we would not have known about the issue to have been able to serve you.

There is a Credit notes questions and answer in the Payments part of this Q&A section.

Also, if you are ever not happy with your cleaning consultant at the office there are feedback links on every page of our website that go straight to a feedback form. This goes straight through to senior management who investigate every issue.

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