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Babysitting, nannies, au pairs, carers, waitresses, personal assistants, chauffers, butlers, office cleaners etc.

Very often a customer who is using a cleaner, builds up a relationship with that person and decides they would like to use them for providing other non cleaning services.

We cannot define all the things that people have chosen to use our cleaners for, but they include babysitting, nannies, au pairs, carers, waitresses, personal assistants, chauffers, butlers, office cleaners and all kinds of other things.

You will be pleased to know that the agency charges and terms and conditions are the same no matter what kind of different role(s) you use the person for. 

Also if you need more hours for these things, please do contact us directly. We need to know directly as our agreement is between yourself and us, so please do not ask the cleaner to tell us.

We specialise in supplying domestic cleaners and so would never recommend using our service for finding someone for these other roles, but it is not for us to say against it if a client decides they would like to use their existing cleaner for other duties. Cleaners are often very skilled in many other things such as cooking, babysitting and so on, as a result the customer has made a wise choice.

An example of this is a lady who cleans during the day and babysits in the evening, and other similar situations.

Please note however that the insurance you get as part of the agency fee can only cover domestic cleaning work done inside your home. 

Also as we are a domestic cleaning agency service, our recruitment focuses on people that are for that requirement. So if your needs are for an different industry whose regulations require qualifications such as CRB checks etc., then that would not be part of our standard recruitment procedure, however we can do many things such as CRB checks seperately for you upon request.

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