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Just 1 in 55 Applicants pass our Vetting and Screening

This is because, out of 55 applicants that apply with Amy Cleaning:

- 34 do not pass the initial phone interview, because their spoken English is not good enough, they do not have permission to work in Britain, their CV is not good enough, or for other reasons.
- 4 are invited for interview, and are either arrive late or do not turn up at all.
- 4 of them do not bring the correct paperwork such as adequate references, personal identification, proof of address, permission to work in the UK and next of kin details.

Of the remaining 13:

- 2 do not pass their domestic cleaning interview.
- 3 do not pass their practical, written and oral cleaning exam.
- 5 fail our reference verification, or their references are just not good enough.
- 3 do not pass the test at the end of our training course.

Passing our initial vetting and screening is only the beginning, as we carefully monitor all cleaners throughout their time with our customers. We expect the best possible standards from them throughout their cleaning career. Many cleaners are also filtered out because they become complacent in their work or fail to continue our high standards.

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