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How does it work once I have ordered a cleaner?

1, We will carefully go through your order and look through all our 350 cleaners.

2, We may also put your requirements on our internal domestic cleaning job board so our carefully vetted, screened, monitored, insured and trained cleaners can apply for it.
3, We will then choose the best applicant for you, speak to them, ensure they want the job and understand your requirements.
4, The home cleaner is allocated to you and for the quickest, easiest and most efficient service the cleaner's details will be available on the website for you to log in and telephone or email them directly. The cleaner usually give their new clients a call to introduce themselves.

We hope that you will love your cleaner, but as always if there is any way it can be better or if there are any other issues, we really want your feedback. Then we can allocate you another cleaner, re-train your cleaner or do whatever is needed to ensure you are really happy with your cleaner. 

The quickest way is to log into the website and put your request in the contact us segment, also our domestic cleaning agency service consultants are always available on the telephone during office hours to offer help, advice and any other information you require. You can also leave a message on our 24hr answerphone and we will call you back as quickly as possible.

Top tip for getting your perfect domestic cleaner: 

Having a cleaner is very personal thing; many of our domestic cleaning agency service consultants liken us to a dating agency as we have to match customers and clients with their perfect cleaner.

A cleaner that lots of other people love may not be the person for you. For example a cleaner that one customer loves because of their attention to detail when cleaning their house, another customer may not like because they find them too excessive. 

So please always let us know how things are going, if there is anything that could be better so that we can re train your cleaning person, allocate you a new person or anything else which is require by yourself. 

We also love to hear from customers who just call to say how happy they are and even just to say hi, it really pleases us to know that you are happy and content with your cleaner and our service.

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