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How much time will the cleaner need?

So the cleaning is perfectly tailored to you, we work this out with you by discussing your specific needs so our service is personal to you and how you like your home to be looked after. 

Our domestic cleaners are quick and productive, but still human so often customers can easily judge time needed by how long it would take them to clean the premises if they were doing it themselves. We tend to find that customer's can judge this better than we can, because customers know their own home best, the level of cleaning they require, what specifically is important to them and what the cleanliness of the premises will be when the cleaner will arrive.

Customers sometimes also find it useful to chat about this with us so we can work on it together. Of course customers find that their requirements and needs change so we can change your regular hours as needed.

An example is how a person of mature years who has been looking after their two bedroomed house with delicate and ornate furniture for many years, may have very different jobs and cleaning level requirements to a student house share of the same size.

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