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Getting the best from your cleaner

We find that communication is the most important determining factor to get the best from your cleaner. 

Amy domestic cleaning agency service carefully vets, screens, trains and monitors the cleaners. So customer communication with the cleaner is the only bit left that helps the customer get even better service.

1, Tell the cleaner exactly what you would like.

On the My Amy page of this website is a task sheet, here you can say what you require to be cleaned and how often you would like it to be done. 

We find it is best to write things down as this helps the cleaner to remember, especially as like any person, it is easy for the cleaner to forget things as time goes by.

We recommend being specific about what you would like, you will be amazed how all customers like different things and if not told what you like, the cleaner will have to guess or presume you like the same as some of the other clients. 

Normally if a customer says that the cleaner did not manage to get something done that they wanted, it is because the cleaner is spending their time doing something that the customer does not regard as important, or something that the customer does not want to be done at each and every visit.

For example, if the cleaner is deep cleaning your oven, fridge, cupboards, fully dusting each and every visit then there is less time to do other things. 

You may prefer these tasks to be done regularly but not each and every time, such as for example one or two of these special tasks each visit then there will be much more time for other things such as vacuum cleaning, ironing and the more regular tasks. 

This is just an example of how the cleaner needs to know what you like.

2, Regularly give feedback to your cleaner on how they are doing and if they are meeting your requirements.

Imagine going bowling and never knowing if you have knocked down all the pins. 

It is the same for the cleaner; they need to know how they are doing, what you like and what you do not like. 

We recommend always communicating with your cleaner at least each month, if not in person then we recommend leaving notes that the cleaner can read when they arrive at your home and they can also write message on this note to you as well.

3, Ask the cleaner for advice

If there are any problems, normally the cleaner have experience of this and know a solution. They are domestic cleaning experts that can advise you on different ways of solving problems, whether it is about cleaning programs, materials, techniques and so on. 

Cleaners of course will only do this if you are happy for them to advise you in this way.

Also of course, the cleaner may not be aware that they are doing something you do not like. 

The cleaners take great pride in their work and so it is best to say as soon as there is something you would like done differently. You will be pleasantly surprised how the cleaner understands and did not know that they are doing something wrong. 

It is best to raise this with the cleaner as soon as possible to ensure you get what you require.

Of course if you are not happy with the relationship between yourself and the cleaner or if there are any problems that you would like help with, please do contact Amy domestic cleaning agency service so that we can assist you in any way possible.

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