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Your Mastercard or Visa card details are completely safe

We use the world's most secure systems, they are the same as the top banks use:

1. Our website is secured by the same system all the banks use on their internet banking. It is called AES-256KB encryption, for many years there has been a well known prize of $1,000,000 for the first person who can break it, despite many enthusiastic attempts no one has managed it.

2, We are unable to see your card details, only the bank can see them as the website links directly to the bank through their specified security systems. This is of course standard for all online transactions, we can see the last 4 digits of the long number of your card purely to identify your card if the bank wishes to ask any questions about a client's card. However of course that is not enough for us to be able to do anything with them.

3, Our server has been inspected and given a certificate by Thawte Consulting CC, they only give certificates to completely secure sites. Thawte certificates are approved by Microsoft and all the other large and respected internet companies.

4, Royal Bank of Scotland bank have inspected and approved our site, so much so that they have even allowed us to put their card payment logos on the pages where customers enter their card details and this is something that they do not take lightly.

5, Our computer system is completely secure, with two levels of password protection. The first level password is to get onto our office network and the second password is for getting onto the payments program which is only accessible to our highest level accounts executives. All our account executives have also signed trust and confidence agreements and been carefully vetted as you would expect.

6, As a final level of security all activity on this isolated system is recorded and tracked, so that each computer operator's activities are recorded. Thus there are copies of screen shots, buttons pressed, files transferred and all other such activities so that there is all the evidence should anyone be silly enough to try it.

7, We are registered under the Data Protection Act and we comply with all of its provisions.

In actual fact these 7 levels are far more than is actually needed. We only do it because we clean for very high net worth individuals, members of parliament, diplomats, famous people, professionals where confidentiality is paramount, people who are always surrounded by bodyguards and other high security measures because they need such levels of security.

The staff and services that serve these clients have checked us very carefully to ensure we meet their needs, and we have always passed. This is in part because we have a highly trained security manager on our staff and ex-policemen as consultants to the company, they ensure our security in the office and with the cleaners fits these needs.

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