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Please inform us in the initial order if you would like ironing as part of your service. We can them make sure you get the right domestic cleaner with excellent ironing skills. This is all part of the service and the same hourly rate as cleaning.

We expect domestic cleaners to iron to a minimum of seven men’s working shirts per hour. We use this as a measure of a cleaner's speed, so for example:

  • A t-shirt is equivalent to 1/5th of a long sleeved man's working shirt.
  • A pair of standard trousers is equivalent to 3/4 of a long sleeved man's working shirt.

Our customers love our domestic cleaners to do their ironing for them, and when you look at this speed with the amount that Amy charges, this is so much cheaper than a dry cleaners or launderette, for a service that is easier and much more personal.

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