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What if I am not happy with the cleaner you send me?

We very carefully screen, select and vet the cleaners - only 1 in 55 applicants make it through.  As a result we find that customers do not have a problem with our cleaners not being good enough. 

We will send you a cleaner that lots of other people love, but of course you may not.  We find that having a cleaner is such a personal thing, they may not be to your personal taste, a bit like dating.

An example might be that one person likes a cleaner because they are very fussy and detail orientated, but another person may find them annoyingly so and want a cleaner who is less detail orientated and just goes through their massive untidy messes.  This is common with student customers in shared houses.

As we have over 350 cleaners, if you are not happy with the first cleaner we send you, we have loads of other cleaners and there is never an issue ensuring we have the right person for you.

If there is anything you are not happy with no matter how small, please please tell us so that we can sort it out for you.   We can change your cleaner or retrain them and so on, whatever you prefer, we really want to know

We find that it is really important to ensure customers to feel comfortable to say if they are not happy, no matter how small it may be, so they tell us. 

We really want to know and it is those customers that say, who stay with us for ages as we have been able to resolve anything they may not be happy with.  Best of all, if they say early on before it has gotten worse and gone on long enough to annoy them.

Please do also feel free to try a one off clean, but they are not as cheap because it costs us the same to set up a one off clean, as it does for a regular clean since the costs are not spread along so many cleans. Details of these are on the site.

When having joined as a regular customer, if you wish to cancel after your first clean, for example, you have only committed to the agency fee for the month and not the payment of the cleaner, so it is not such a large amount.  This monthly period is because we have to pay for insurance for whole month.   

To cancel, it is just 1 week’s notice to ensure that you do not have to make any payment for the next month.

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