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Why is Cleaner & Agency Paid Separately?

A big secret to how we manage to vet, train, insure and monitor our domestic cleaners to such a high degree, with such a low agency fee, is that the money is going directly into doing that work, and not just administration. If you paid us, and we paid the cleaner for you, you would be paying:

* VAT on top of the amount paid to the cleaner
* Cost of the agency running a payroll.
* In depth health and safety policy, as any company employing more than a few people has much greater legal obligations
* and so on...

Consequently either the service or amount paid to the cleaner would be lower.

We can pay the cleaner for you and are delighted to do so, this service is used by about 0.5% of our clients who have UK homes that they only use a few weeks of the year at random times so are not in the country to be able to pay the cleaner, or high net worth individuals who do not have the time to pay their cleaner. 

Due to the above costs we can pay the cleaner for you and maintain our high levels of service for £12.50 + VAT per hour of cleaning. As the basic costs of the work mentioned above do not increase if the client has more hours, if the client uses 10 hours or more per week the price starts at just £9.60 + VAT per hour of cleaning.

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