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Days and times of your cleans

If you can, we recommend you ask us for the best cleaner available, rather than the best cleaner that is available at specific days and times.

This is the same whether you use any cleaning agency, or find a cleaner yourself directly.

This is because:

1, We have over 450 cleaners and would love to choose the best person for you. If we are purely filtering our database by this factor then we can purely ensure you get the best cleaner. However if a client is specific on the day and time then we have to filter our database first by when cleaners are free and we can only check if they are the best cleaner as a secondary process out of these remaining cleaners. So there are far far fewer cleaners to choose from as we are not just searching by the prime factor of just getting you the best cleaner we have. 

2, When a cleaner starts in the industry, the first day they will get booked up on is Friday morning, followed by Friday afternoons. This is because this is what clients request first and so a cleaner will give it to them if it is available. 

This is followed by Thursdays and Mondays; also mornings are more popular than afternoons, evenings and weekends. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the least popular, and so should you choose these times there will be about 20 times more cleaners to choose from, compared to if you have a cleaner the most popular times.

3, Exceptional domestic cleaners tend to have many of clients and can be fully booked almost every day. The best way to have such a cleaner is to order them during the less popular times when they will be free, or at least the more days or times you are happy to have your cleaner for, then the more cleaners we will have to choose from to find you our first choice.

Clients often say that they like to have their cleaning services before the weekend, or after it. Clients are welcome to have this, however we always like to mention that domestic cleaning is a long term proposition. We want to ensure that when you look at your home after having used us for a long period of time that it is not just the visible places that have been perfectly cleaned, but also the unseen places are perfect as well. This is what having the best cleaner available is about.

Of course this is just based on averages, we may of course find that the best cleaner is available on Friday mornings and often really busy cleaners become available on popular time slots because their existing client is moving location which is too far for the cleaner to travel to or other such issues. The agency can advise you accordingly, but the more flexible you are on time the more cleaners there are to choose from.

However if proof is needed, our senior managers all have their homes cleaned on a Tuesday or Wednesday. You will also find that senior managers from other domestic cleaning companies do the same.

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