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Your home is completely safe with Amy Cleaning.

Our cleaners are thoroughly vetted so you can be assured of any problems such as theft and any other matters which may concern you.

This is because Amy Cleaning have access to:

  • The potential cleaners work history including references from previous employers.
  • Home address and all telephone numbers.
  • Details on their friends and family including addresses and telephone numbers.
  • We employ security experts and work with a number of ex policemen.

Potential cleaners soon realise we know everything about them and undesirables never join. 

We are well known in the industry for our stringent requirements and we seldom have any cleaners with ulterior motives.
Amy Cleaning provide a domestic service for very high net worth individuals, members of parliament, diplomats, famous people, professionals where confidentiality is paramount, people who are always surrounded by bodyguards and other high security measures because they need such levels of security.
Our staff and domestic cleaners who serve these clients are checked very carefully to ensure we meet their needs, and we have always passed. This is in partly because we have a highly trained security manager on our staff and ex policemen as consultants; they ensure our security in the office and with the cleaners meets these needs.

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