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Value of good training

329649_training_room_2The advantage of having a cleaner through a reputable agency, such as Amy Cleaning, is that they train their staff. The importance of training is as significant in cleaning as in any other industry. For example spread of MRSA bacteria was increased due to incorrect usage of disinfectant wipes. Although very effective, these are only designed for single use therefore will lose its effect if used repeatedly. Proper training could have easily prevented this. Examples of such crucial mistakes can be easily found everywhere, in domestic cleaning as well.

When training our cleaners at Amy Cleaning we always stress the importance of using different cloths/wipes for different areas to avoid cross contamination. If the cleaner will use your products, make sure you buy new cloths regularly. Be extra vigilant if you have babies or kids in your household; those tiny hands will always reach for every corner and will have to touch every surface so you must make sure they are all cleaned thoroughly and correctly. In cases where there will be no option to use different cloths any good cleaner must be trained how to disinfect their cloths. It is also helpful to introduce colour coding system, especially in bigger properties. For example have red cleaning cloths and products for kitchen, blue for bathroom etc. This will alert the cleaner and prevent any possible problems. First introduced in 2007 by one of the biggest cleaning contractors this method has since been used widely in both domestic and commercial cleaning. Workers come to cleaning industry from various backgrounds, cultures and with different levels of English therefore this also has advantage of preventing language barrier problems as your cleaner will always know what chemical to use and where without you telling her.

At Amy Cleaning we also train our staff on health and safety, how and what chemicals to use as well as how to be proficient in customer service.

Cleaner’s job might often go unnoticed unless it is not done properly. Go with the agency and let us do the training for you.

The importance of a good training in the cleaning industry

A well-trained, motivated and efficient team means cost savings and better results. In addition to more thorough and regular training, employees also need to be made to feel valued so that they are more motivated to follow the right procedures if cleaning practices are to be really effective.

Not only does the need to train new employees regularly have high costs implications, more importantly, it means that the industry is doing the best it can to keep an environment as clean as possible.

Amy Cleaning is regularly making changes to its training in order to help our new staff to develope and improve their skills. We understand that all our clients’ needs and requirements are different and we want to make sure that each one of them receives the right attention.

To create as clean and hygienic an environment as possible companies must invest in staff training, especially when it comes to teaching correct cleaning methods.