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Cleaning App: Angry Janitors

mzl.ufkkamicA mixture of Mario and Angry Birds is this app that wants us to learn more about cleaning and to make us aware of the importance of Health & Safety.

This free game was brought by ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) last year.

Help Sweepy, the janitor, clean all dirt and germs to unlock new levels and get high scores. There are three areas to clean: the school, the office and the hospital.

This app is a fun and quirky mix-match game that may put a smile on your face, even if you are not a cleaning professional.

Give it a try! You can install it for free at Google play.

Flying robots to clean your space!

A new cleaning system that uses mini robots to clean your home has been the winner of this year’s Electrolux Design Lab. Maybe elbow grease will be a thing of the past sooner than we expect it!

mab electrolux design lab 2013

Check the video to see these robots in action:

And if you want to know the ins and outs of the project (designed by Adrian Perez Zapata), check this:

What do you think? Will this invention be suitable for a domestic environment? Share your thoughts!

The use of antibacterial cleaning products

antibacterialWe recently red some news about the possible dangers of using antibacterial soaps. Some recent studies suggest that the overuse of antibacterial soaps may help create drug-resistant germs.

Antibacterial products have been used on the health sector for decades. It has only been recently that antibacterial cleaning products have become “a norm” for private households and families. It has been so extended that almost half of the soaps/chemicals on sale contain antibacterial agents, such as triclosan and triclocarban.


But, apparently, scientists are starting to get worried. They are still unsure whether antibacterial cleaning products work any better than the good old soap and water to keep germs below dangerous levels.

Soapy water wash away germs; antibacterial products kill everything, even bacteria that are helpful to the body because they keep other dangerous bugs at bay, experts say.

Scientists are warning to use antibacterial products just when needed, that is, when taking care of a child or sick person. Indeed, recent research suggests that antibacterial soaps and chemicals my encourage the growth of “super bugs” resistant to antimicrobial agents.

What do you think about the findings? Do you think this “antibacterial fever” on the consumer market is a marketing strategy to sell more products or in fact we need these cleaning products to survive?

The best carpet stain remover

I came across a research from Wich? yesterday regarding carpet stain removers. It is quite interesting and it proves that sometimes a little can go quite far.

Experts conducting the research found that in most cases using washing up liquid to clean fresh stains on the carpet works better than any costly cleaning product we have on the market.

Washing up liquid diluted in water proved to be as good as any other cleaning product to remove most of the stains (fresh or dried) except chocolate and coffee, being as effective as 13 out of the 17 products tested by Which?

But if you still put your hands up for specialized cleaning products for your carpet stains you should know that there is no need to spend a fortune on them. The Which? research showed that the best carpet stain removers are the ones from your supermarket brand; so forget about the big brands!

At the end of the day the key on removing stains from a carpet is on the elbow (check our previous article on this).

Do you have any trick to get rid of nasty stains on your carpet? Share with us!

Too lazy to do house cleaning

I’ve recently red about the new Dettol HABIT study and I have to say it is quite scary. The poll was done on 2000 people in the UK and questions ranged from personal hygiene to house cleaning; and let me tell you, we fail on both!

People are slipping in personal hygiene standards as well as a list of household cleaning jobs. The sad thing is that most of the times this happens because of laziness or people not caring to much.

10% of adults polled said that the last time they cleaned their toilet was two weeks ago. 1/4 of people usually change their bedsheets once every month.

Looking at the kitchen, 1/5 of people haven’t clean or disinfected their fridge in over a year. And 50% do not clean work tops in the kitchen until they are really dirty.

It is true that in a way “not so clean” spaces will make us stronger (our immune system will have the chance to fight back), but a little bit of hygiene doesn’t hurt anybody I guess!

Do you love house cleaning?

One in three women secretly love cleaning their house.

According to a research conducted by Zoflora disinfectant, 1/3 of women describe their “cleaning relationship” as relaxing and even therapeutic.

But far from telling the world, 50% of them would never dream of telling others about their love affair with house cleaning.

The survey, carried out among 2000 women, found that vacuuming, tidying up and wiping surfaces are three of the house cleaning tasks women most enjoy. The least liked, on the other hand, were cleaning the oven, the toilet or even ironing.

So what do you think? are you a hater or a lover of domestic cleaning?

Domestic cleaning with a twinkle and some magic

This week a woman in the USA has been accused of entering a home, doing some light house cleaning and leaving a bill for $75 for her work. Apparently it is not the first time that this woman, called by some residents “The Cleaning Fairy”, does this and now she is facing burglary charges in the case after being arrested Tuesday night.

Of course this is something to condone but have you ever dreamed of having a sweet Cleaning Fairy going into your jungle-house and find it spotlessly clean at the end of a hard day work?

Would you want one? Which house cleaning task you hate the most that you would love the Cleaning Fairy to do for you? Share with us!

House Cleaning made fun

House cleaning is always seen like a hard chore for most of us adults. This may be the cause for not being able to make our children embrace the cleaning with open arms.

Have you ever found difficult to teach your children that clean = good? Do you think it is a mission-impossible to make your kids clean their bedroom and do the washing? I may have found the answer to your prayers…

HighScore House is a website and ipad app that will guide your children through the process of cleaning chores while earning points that will lead to rewards (of your choice).

It has a special “parents section” where you could add tasks, change rewards and settings. Once these are set up, your children will be able to check their progress and how close they are from getting that well deserved prize!

Try it out and let us know your thoughts!

House cleaning robots

Improvement in the domestic lives have been massive on the past century. House cleaning has benefited from this thanks to the up-rise of the robotic cleaners.

There are hundreds of robotic vacuums and “mops” on the market and people seem to be happy about the change of house cleaning “machinery”.

But, how good are they? are they really better than the usual hoover or mop?

We have to agree that their compact size makes it easier to go into hard-to-reach areas, so there is no need to move furniture around.

Also they remove all kinds of dust, and even pet hair, better than the usual stuff, and this is great news for allergy sufferers.

These robot cleaners are made specially for busy people as you can program them and forget about it, knowing well that it will do its job at the set time.

But not everything is so straightforward. I think that one of the downsides of these robots is the fact that they tend to miss corners and can only clean flat surfaces (so the need to have a regular vacuum cleaner to do the odd bit here and there is obvious).

There is also a lot of people that have complained about the noise they produce and the price.

Do not think that by buying one of these robots you can stick cleaning out of your chores list; you will still need to do some “elbow dance” to remove tough stains, as they are not able to do this by themselves.

I have seen some of these robots in action and they look like a lunatic creature trying to find their way out of the room. It is kind of funny, but I have my reserves about these robots in terms of replacing the traditional way of cleaning; nothing like a good domestic cleaner happy to go the extra mile (robots don’t do this)!

Do you have any “robotic experience”? What do you think about this new technology? Share your thoughts!

Minimum Wage and London Living Wage

The yearly increases on the minimum wage always come with an air of confrontation. As announced by the Low Pay Commission, 2011 will see an increase of 15p, raising the minimum wage to £6.08 per hour.

As stated on their report, “particular groups of workers (women, disabled people, ethnic minorities, migrants and those with no qualifications) are more likely to be in minimum wage jobs”. It is clear how this affects the cleaning industry directly, with 23% of its jobs in 2010 getting paid at the minimum rate (at that time £5.93), where most of their workers come from these particular groups.

London is another story. Although minimum wage jobs account for 2% of all jobs in London, the London Living Wage has been increased this year 45%, leaving it at £8.30 per hour. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, considered this a positive move to reduce poverty levels in the capital. There are already more than 100 employers in London that have signed up to the London Living wage, a payment that it is consider the minimum to cover all needs of a worker.

The Living Wage Foundation, which has been battling to extend the London Living Wage to all employers across the capital, welcome this increase although considers there are still hundreds of thousands of Londoners in what it is called “working poverty”.

It is a delicate matter, specially on this current climate of uncertainty that our economy is going through. If you are interested in getting more information, here is the link to the Low Pay Commission report

Let us know your thoughts.