Carpet cleaning tips (1)

Everybody has experienced the dreadful coffee stain on the living room carpet. It always happens on the worst possible moment! No time to take care of it and worst of all: don’t know how to clean it!

At we always have customers asking us for help on how to remove certain stains from their carpets. So here we are with some tips to help you remove those stubborn stains!

1- Clean the stain as soon as possible. Quick action is needed to avoid extra damage to the carpet and a stain for eternity!

2- Do not scrub the stain. Unless you want to change the color of your carpet from a soft cream to a deep red, never scrub the stain, only blot it! If you scrub it you will be pushing the stain deeper into the carpet and then it will be impossible to remove it.

3- Warm water. Always thought that you needed to buy a multi-super-ultra-magic-carpet-cleaning-chemical to clean your stains? You don’t! Most stains can be cleaned with warm water.

4- Work inwards. Always clean the stain starting on the outside and working inwards not to spread it around the carpet (unless you feel inspired that day and you have decided to create a state of the art modern carpet!).

5- Mild detergent. Only if the stain is very stubborn, you may be able to use some mild detergent. So do not get crazy and do not run straight to the bottle of bleach because you will make things worst! Mild is mild, so think about washing up liquid, shampoo,…

Do you want to know what to do with your coffee stain? Your child has just left some chewing gum on your new carpet and you cannot take it off? On the next post we will be giving you some tips to clean specific stains, so do not miss it!

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