Christmas wishes

xmas treeWe are two days away. Only two days to Christmas! The winter started last evening and it looks as we are going to have a proper white Christmas.

“Tis the time of jolly!” they say… of Christmas trees and present wrapping. People concentrate on decorating their homes, cooking the best turkey ever and enjoying a family reunion. Oh! lovely Christmas…

So where does cleaning stand in all this? Who dares to take a feather duster when they can light some candles and sing a Christmas carol?

This is for the domestic cleaners. The goddesses of cleaning who fight wind and snow to clean your house on the morning of Christmas eve; who clean, unnoticed, every single Christmas decoration to make them shine like stars; who battle the laziness of a warm and cozy family home to arrive at your house at the agreed time.

For them, who give you the opportunity of having a Happy and Clean Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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