How to organise a first meeting with your cleaner

At we receive a lot of requests from our clients to organise first meetings with their new cleaners. It is understandable that, even if you know that you will be having a professional domestic cleaner, you would like to have and idea of who will be going into your house on a regular basis.

Find on this article some tips on what to look for and what to say on a first meeting with your cleaner.

What to look for:

-First things first! your new cleaner must be on time for the meeting.

-What she doesn’t say. Non verbal communication is even more important that what she says to you. So if she is yawning or looking around while you are explaining where the hoover is kept most probably she won’t do a good job.

Pen and paper. Domestic cleaners are busy people; they tend to work for different clients on the same week. If your cleaner writes down your requirements and any other information needed she is proving to be a very organised professional.

What to say:

We expect all domestic cleaners to do an excellent job from day one. But we can always help them a little bit by just explaining our priorities and specific expectations.

-Tell your new cleaner if you consider ironing more important than cleaning, or vice versa, so she can organise the work based on this.

-Tell your new cleaner if you will leave any note with specific tasks.

-Tell your new cleaner if you do any kind of recycling in the house and where to put the rubbish.

-Tell your new cleaner where you keep the chemicals/hoover/mop/cloths and anything she may need.

-Tell your new cleaner about the alarm and the use of the keys (make sure she practice with you in case there is any special trick to open the front door!).

Finding a magic cleaner is difficult sometimes, but these tips may help you to have an idea on how your new cleaner will respond to different situations, saving you any hassle in the future.

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