Amy Charity 2011

Samuel HarrisonAnother fantastic example of where the Amy Charity helped was for an elderly gentleman who lives on his own in East London. He found his every day cleaning duties extremely difficult and was falling behind with his everyday cleaning tasks. He has lived on his own for 10 years since he and his wife divorced.

In order to ascertain this client cleaning needs we completed a cleaning audit and a blitz clean with the cleaner and our house keeping supervisor as the client’s home needed a lot of work and tender loving care. This supervision enabled the cleaner to prioritize her cleaning as there was a lot of work to be done and to get the client home back to its original sparkling condition. The feedback from the client was so great that the cleaner became cleaner of the month title as she completed such a great job and the client was extremely happy with her and our services.

The cleaner then cleaned on a weekly basis for 2hrs.

Upon our initial charity visit to his home , he informed us that he needed new carpets for his hallway and laminate flooring for his toilet and he also needed a new toilet as his toilet had a leak. We directed the client to the right people he needed to speak to within his council borough with regards to his problems. We can now confirm that he now has new carpets in his hallway and stairs, new laminate flooring in his toilet and a new toilet. We not only help with cleaning/ironing needs but also gives advice and support with any other concerns, issues or problems that people may have and that we can help with.

We are very pleased to have helped this elderly gentleman and thanks to the kindness of our customers as a percentage of the agency fee they pay goes towards the Amy Charity, we are always looking for more people who we can help and fit the Amy Charity criteria.

The Amy Charity is simple, if you are or know someone with a disability, or whom is elderly and is deserving help as they have been kind to others and is struggling with their everyday cleaning/ironing needs then simply give us a call. The charity is popular and places do get filled up quickly but please do contact us as we would love to be able to help.

We will take a few details over the telephone from you, just to give us an idea of the help that is required. We will then book an appointment with you so that we can complete a home visit and if eligible we can then allocate a cleaner. So please don’t struggle in silence and give us a call on 0845 062 9999.

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