Cleaning products for your kitchen

Here you will find the basic cleaning products you will need to keep your kitchen up to standard.

Multipurpose cleaner

For the daily cleaning. There are eco friendly cleaners with lovely smells that you can use safely on any kitchen surface.


You may find this useful to get rid of the grease on cupboards, worktops, walls and any other kitchen surface. Mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of water on a spray bottle and use it regularly.

Disinfectant chemical

This is specially formulated to clean kitchen worktops after preparing raw meat or fish. It will kill most of the germs, thus avoiding the spread of illnesses.

Lime scale remover

For that hideous grime and lime on the kitchen sink. Use the vinegar solution regularly and the lime scale remover once you see the lime scale building up.

Floor cleaner

Check on the market for a specific chemical depending on which material your floor is made of; you can find cleaning products for tiles, wooden floors, laminate… This will give you a truly professional finish.

Check  on the next few weeks for more information on essential products to keep your house clean!

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