Weird cleaning tips that work

Here are some cleaning tips to help you around your home:

1- Rub a lemon wedge inside your mug to get rid of tea stains; then wash with soapy water and your cup will be clean as new.

2- White bread will help you clean dirty spots and finger marks on walls and dust on paintings (just make sure that the bread is fresh).

3- Clean your plants with a little bit of mayonnaise or beer to return the shine on them.

4- Strike a match to get rid of all bathroom smells (greener than an air freshener and very effective!).

5- For smelly hands after chopping onion or garlic, just put your hands on running water for 30 seconds without rubbing them and the smell will disappear. Otherwise you can rub your hands on fresh parsley.

6- If you are washing red clothes for the first time, make sure you soak them in white vinegar first; this way you avoid these clothes bleeding all over your other clothes.

7- Put some dry rice onto your salt pot to protect from moisture.

Have you got any funny cleaning tips that work wonders? Let us know!

3 thoughts on “Weird cleaning tips that work

  1. Tristan Sterne

    That was a great idea… thanks for sharing yummy stuffs like this… yeah, especially that those ingredients makes me hungry… similar tips like this that I have heard are from the elder generations… it proves to be practical…

  2. Ann Brebner

    Ah these are some really good tips! I especially liked the one about the smelly hands; very interesting but effective tips! 🙂

  3. Carolyn Ross

    I you want to remove sticky labels, a sip of cheap vodka will do the work. Save your nails! Dab some vodka onto a sticky area with a cotton swab and watch how easily the tag slides off.

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