Do you love house cleaning?

One in three women secretly love cleaning their house.

According to a research conducted by Zoflora disinfectant, 1/3 of women describe their “cleaning relationship” as relaxing and even therapeutic.

But far from telling the world, 50% of them would never dream of telling others about their love affair with house cleaning.

The survey, carried out among 2000 women, found that vacuuming, tidying up and wiping surfaces are three of the house cleaning tasks women most enjoy. The least liked, on the other hand, were cleaning the oven, the toilet or even ironing.

So what do you think? are you a hater or a lover of domestic cleaning?

10 thoughts on “Do you love house cleaning?

  1. Jules Thomas

    There s a lot of satisfaction to be had having a lovely clean house!


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    It is true that many women like only wiping and vacuuming. I think no one likes toilet cleaning. Even i also dont like it. In this situation I take help from cleaning company.

  3. Daniel

    Very interesting facts and post there. Domestic Cleaning can sometimes feel like a chore but to be honest, I love it! Does that make me feminine? LOL.

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  4. document drying

    Regular cleaning is great way to making your home beautiful and charm. I love to to house cleaning once in a week and for the best results sometimes I recommend to professional cleaners too, which is a helpful way to make cleaning services successful.

  5. anne

    Having a clean home is having a healthy family. No woman wants her family to get sickly. Besides, a clean house gives relaxing and homey feeling.

  6. lou

    I love it for a living!! There is no better feeling from the satisfaction you gain turning grime to a shine.. love it, love it, love it… Yes I am sad!!! Best Regards Clean 2 Shine

  7. Mroven

    obviously , cleaning is a must thing what we have to do on daily basis, as it represents our personality, it also prevent us from several diseases and germs

  8. Cleaners Ealing

    Even though sometimes I do not feel like cleaning, a clean home is so rewarding! Although I like cleaning I wouldn’t mind getting some professional cleaning help from time to time!

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