4 tips for getting the best from your domestic cleaner

Clean as you go

As silly as it sounds, if your house is in order before the domestic cleaner arrives, she will have more time to do a thorough job and even do some extra deep cleaning if need be.


Communicate with your domestic cleaner

Domestic cleaners are not mind readers and they will not know that you want things to be done in a certain way. Tell her your priorities and expectations.

What the domestic cleaner needs from you

– Good quality cleaning products and equipment. if you want a good job you will need to provide enough cloths, enough chemicals and a good vacuum cleaner and mop.

– Hours. To do a good job, your domestic cleaner will need time. Make sure you arrange enough hours with her so the end result is what you are expecting.

And if something does not go well?

If your domestic cleaner proves to be unreliable, look for another person. Sadly, unreliable cleaners will not change; instead of getting weekly headaches, look for someone that will take their job seriously.

What other tips would you add to this list? Share with us!

8 thoughts on “4 tips for getting the best from your domestic cleaner

  1. Cleaners In Bromley

    Every word so true about the cleaner never changing their attitude. As a cleaning business owner I can safely say if a member of staff is with us for longer than six months without complaint then that is how they will continue. The minute the first complaint comes you will know it is the beginning of the end for that individual. A sad reality but true, a leopard never changes its spots!

  2. admin Post author

    I completely agree with you Cleaners in Bromley, if a person is not committed to the job from the beginning s/he will never be.

  3. Cleaners In Bromley

    Yep they certainly need to have that get up and go, the will to help people and take pride in that. Cleaning for people is not just an invoice. If that’s how the cleaner feels then they will need to find a more motivating job!

    That aside as you’ve highlighted above I also urge customers to be brave and give us honest feedback. We can’t continually improve if people will not talk to us and help!

  4. Dolly Estrada

    This is such a good post, communication is so important especially when it comes to what your priorities are. We are an hourly service and we always ask our clients to give us a list of priorities because we want to make sure we are working on the tasks that are most important to them. This is absolutely crucial when they have not booked enough hours to get to everything in the home!!

  5. Cleaners In Canterbury

    Yes, good communication is the foundation of all lasting business and personal relationships. The very best cleaning companies have had staff on the books for years! They have also equally had clients on the books for years! That is in essence the secret of building a serious cleaning operation!

  6. Clean Queen

    Its very difficult finding the right cleaner to work for your cleaning company. Its like a breath of fresh air when you get someone who is totally committed just like the owner of a new cleaning company. These cleaners should be looked after totally because your reputation depends on these cleaners. Once you do get a bad one I think its time to let them go straight away because their heart won’t be in it and their happy just to pick the money up for the job without a thought for what the homeowners think. This happens quite a lot in the cleaning business so be very careful when choosing your cleaners.

  7. carpet cleaning

    There are lots of cleaning company’s out there . Always put your cleaner on a months trial i always recommend this and after that if there are any problems either way this is the time to speak up.. great post

  8. Audra

    I completely agree with this article, thanks for sharing it, I provide cleaners all the time to my clients and tell them to communicate well with the house owner

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