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The good and the bad of all-purpose cleaning products

all purpose cleanerAll-purpose cleaning products are good; they are so versatile that help us do our cleaning job in less time (and who doesn’t like that!). We all have a favourite all-purpose cleaner that we use for quick “cleaning arounds” in our house.

But there is always good and bad on everything in this world. Let’s have a look at the positives and the negatives of our all-purpose cleaning products.

The positives:

  1. They are ideal for a daily cleaning routine. If you like to sanitize surfaces on a daily basis it is always quick and easy to get the all-purpose spray cleaner and wipe clean.
  2. Most all-purpose cleaners can frequently be used to mop, clean work tops, bathroom surfaces and more. So you can easily clean your house from top to bottom with the same cleaning product!
  3. Easy handling: only one product to worry about (that is a thumbs up for anyone that doesn’t like cleaning!).
  4. Space saving on cupboards.

The negatives:

  1. All-purpose cleaners cannot clean every single surface in your house. Check the label and you will see that certain all-purpose products cannot be use on surfaces such as stainless steel or marble.
  2. All-purpose cleaners cannot clean any type of dirt and grime. You will need more elbow grease for very dirty surfaces and even then, sometimes that will not be sufficient.
  3. They are not as mild as they look like. Them being all-purpose does not mean they are just soapy water; they may contain strong chemicals such as ammonia, so it is better to check the label if you are concerned about this.

Tell us, what is your favourite all-purpose cleaning product?