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How to clean granite kitchen worktops

granite-worktopHaving a natural stone worktop is always hard work. We always have to be careful not to apply anything too abrasive or acidic (e.g. vinegar or bleach) or we can end up with a disaster of a kitchen counter. But here is a simple way to keep your granite worktops clean and shiny (no need for expensive granite-only cleaners!).

First, get prepared. You will need a couple of micro-fibre cloths, warm soapy water (you can use washing up liquid) and a little bit of rubbing alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol (91%).

Follow this simple steps:

1- Wash the surface with soapy water and a micro-fibre cloth.

2- Dry the surface with a clean micro-fibre cloth.

3- For regular disinfection: Fill a spray bottle with 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol. Spray onto the granite worktop. Leave for a couple of minutes and wipe with a damp micro-fibre cloth.

Rubbing alcohol is a natural de-greaser that can be used to remove grease, grime and soap residues. If applied periodically, it can help you disinfect your granite worktops and keep them shiny for longer!

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How to remove stains from granite

Nowadays it is easy to find granite worktops on a lot of kitchens. Here you can find some advice on how to remove stains from your granite surfaces.

The mixture to use will be different depending on which kind of stain you have, but you will always need to prepare a poultice made of paper towel or talcum powder (acting as absorbent) and a specific chemical.

If the stain is organic (coffee, tea, mustard,…), you will need to use Hydrogen Peroxide (30%-40% by volume) on the poultice.

If the stain is inorganic (ink, dirt,…), you will need to use Hydrogen Peroxide (30%-40% by volume) on a paper towel or cloth.

If the stain is from oil, you can use pure acetone on the poultice.