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Deadly Bleach

Bleach has been used in households for ages and is still enjoying popularity amongst other cleaning products. In fact, some claim that it is irreplaceable. However recent studies and experiments proved that bleach is a very dangerous chemical and one that should not be used at all. Unfortunately, nowadays it is often used mixed with chlorine or sold under different labels.

Around a quarter of emergency calls from household accidents epicenters are chlorine and bleach related. While chlorine isn’t toxic to the body, the chemical reactions that often happen while using it produce extremely toxic products. These build up in the environment, cause dangers to the water supply, kill fish, harm animals, and enters our bodies through the food chain.

Bleach is also the cause of serious health problems. It is especially dangerous for people with allergies and asthma but can be the cause of respiratory problems, burned skin, and even damage to the nervous system. Often, the danger occurs not from the bleach or chlorine directly but from chemical reactions that occur when those are mixed with other products.

Many people unknowingly mix chlorine with dish soap while cleaning the kitchen. This produces mustard gas, the same gas used to kill many people during World War I.
Chlorine is also easily mixed with ammonia. The results of this cocktail is a toxic gas which may even stop lungs functioning in severe cases. Generally you will be able to see the fumes, but be aware as sometimes, they will remain invisible and you may not realize your are breathing in a potentially life threatening gas. We can carelessly create this reaction by mixing cleaning products or even cleaning toilet as our urine contains ammonia too.
Chlorine also mixes with organic matter creating chloroform. This can happen in the house, while cleaning, but also outside of the house when mixed with organics in the environment. These reactions build toxin beyond your doors, neighborhood or even state borders.

There are always safer alternatives to bleach so follow our blog to find out more about this and for the time being, throw away that so familiar bleach bottle and turn away when you see it tempting you from supermarket shelves.

Micro-fibre cloths: cleaning with no chemicals

e-cloth1Would you like to have a product that can clean you house as well as being kind to your family and the environment and saving you money and time? We have the answer you were looking for: micro-fibre cloths.

There is a growing number of people turning their backs on traditional household chemicals. Call it health reasons or money saving, people are discovering the advantages of the micro-fibre cloth. Can you imagine a cloth that can clean your surfaces with just water and leave them free of grease, dirt and bacteria? Well, it exists! Here at http://www.amycleaning.co.uk we have some clients that had made the swap to the micro-fibre cloths and their cleaners are surprised about the possibilities this type of cleaning offers.

Micro-fibre cloths are made of nylon and polyester on different quantities. The fibres are 1/100th the width of a human hair (that is why they are so soft!) and they clean by breaking up and absorbing the dirt and bacteria from the surfaces.

On the market you can find heavy duty cloths, for cleaning thick dirt, lighter weight cloths (good for cleaning windows) and even a mop set! So you can keep your house clean with just a little bit of warm water and a micro-fibre cloth.

Do not think about their price (they cost more than normal cloths) as they can last around 300 washes; so they will be with you for months to come. Give it a try and let us know how it went!

Asthma Day: 5th of May

Next 5th of May will be World Asthma Day. It will be a trivial day for most of us and you may think why you should celebrate it!

The fact is that more than ever people are encounter a big health problem that can be generated in our work places or our homes. 5,4 million people in the UK are currently receiving treatment for asthma.

The charity Asthma UK is warning professional cleaning companies as well as the public in general about the chemicals used to clean offices and homes.

Substances like air fresheners, aerosol sprays, certain cleaning chemicals or dust from insects and animals can damage our health and can cause fatal asthma attacks.

Living with asthma is a constant battle to avoid substances that can trigger asthma (such as dust, chemicals, fumes or perfumes). As Asthma UK advises, we can always do our bit by using environmentally friendly products and keeping good levels of hygiene around the house.