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How to clean pen and crayon marks from a wall

Anyone that has children will know how easy it is to get the walls of our house full of pen or crayon marks from our lovely kiddies. Though it could be good to let them explore their artistic self, soon you can find out how difficult it is to get rid of marks and “graffiti”.

Find on this article some advice on cleaning unwanted marks from a painted wall.

  • Marks of pencil can be cleaned just by gently erasing it with a rubber.
  • Use baby wipes to remove crayon from any wall.
  • If what you have is ballpoint pen marks or permanent marker stains, then you will need to work a little bit harder: First rub the area with a soft cloth damped on rubbing alcohol (don’t be scared if the wall turns out a different colour! keep reading); then take some soapy water and clean the area with a sponge; finish with some more rubbing alcohol in a clean cloth if needed.

Do you have any other tips on how to clean ink from walls? Share with us!


Cleaning blinds

blindsBlinds are lovely until we realize we have to clean them. Don’t worry! Cleaning them doesn’t need to be a nightmare for you!

Dusting them regularly with a microfibre cloth or a flicker will keep them clean and looking nice for longer. But still, you will have to deep clean them at least once per year. How to do this?

If you have a plastic or metalic blind, the best you can do is properly shut them and put them on the bath with warm water and soap. After one or two hours on warm water the grease and dirt will be easier to remove (using a cloth or soft brush if needed). Then just rinse them with cold water, open them and leave them to dry.

If you have wood blinds the method is different. First of all, close the blinds and wipe with a soft cloth all the slats. Then close the blinds on the opposite direction and wipe again with a soft cloth. Do not use any oils or damp cloths on wood blinds as it can leave smears.

Try this tips and your blinds will look like new!