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Limescale problem

How many times we have noticed white marks on our tiles while having a shower? Or white flakes from our kettle when pouring water for our morning tea? This is limescale. Hard water contains high levels of dissolved minerals, which, if left untreated can become limescale deposits on hard surfaces such as taps, tiles, glass, kettles and more.

Great Britain’s soil is mostly made up of limestone and chalk. This means that about 60% of households have hard water and are suffering from limescale subsequently. Having hard water at home means that some soaps or detergents will not work as well; plates and glasses will look old after several washes; skin may become dry more often.

There are two different ways to tackle limescale at home.

The first one is prevention. Make sure that your domestic cleaner dries the bathroom and kitchen surfaces after cleaning to prevent limescale to build up.

But prevention alone will not resolve the limescale problem. We have to go to the kitchen cupboards again for this one! White vinegar and lemon juice are essential products on the fight against limescale. Here are some tricks:

If you need to clean the bathroom taps just soak a paper towel in vinegar and wrap the paper around the tap. Leave it for about an hour and clean with a soft cloth.

To clean the kettle, just boil a mix of half water and half vinegar and leave the mix over night. Rinse well next morning.

If you need to clean the sink or any hard surface just spray either white vinegar or lemon juice and let it sit for around 30 minutes and clean.

Put these tips in practice and I can assure you that your house will look not only clean but new!