How to do an “after Christmas” kitchen cleaning

We have finished with our Christmas season and we are back to normal life. It is now when we realize that having a 10kg turkey and roasted vegetables and pudding and ice cream… has paid off, not only on us but on our kitchen also!

Do not worry! Doing a deep clean of the kitchen after your Christmas fun it is not at all difficult.

First of all, make sure you have everything that you need, chemicals, cloths and so on. Have them ready on top of the table, so you do not waste time looking for the oven cleaner when you are half way through the cleaning process.

Secondly, make a list of what you have to do. This way you can make sure that you tick all the boxes when you finish your job.

When you think about doing a deep clean it is important that you think “top to bottom” and “left to right”. This means that you will need to start, for example, dusting the ceiling and will need to finish moping the floor.  If you follow a structured work, it will be easier and quicker to finish with the cleaning.

Here is a check list to help you with your deep cleaning:

  1. Dust ceiling and corners of wall.
  2. Dust ceiling fan.
  3. Clean windows inside and out.
  4. Wipe all wooden works: wooden door frames and window ledges.
  5. Clean all walls.
  6. Clean in/outside all kitchen cupboards and drawers.
  7. Clean in/outside microwave, oven and fridge/freezer.
  8. Clean washing machine, tumble drier, dish washer, kettle, toaster, mixer.
  9. Remove all grease and grime from worktops.
  10. Wash and de-scale sink and taps.
  11. Wash worktops.
  12. Dust and clean chairs, table.
  13. Sweep, mop, vacuum underneath movable furniture.
  14. Sweep, mop, vacuum floor.
  15. Empty and wash bin.

This list can be longer if your kitchen needs it. Be flexible with it and feel free to add new tasks, such as deep clean of the fan, if you feel strong enough!

The last advice we can give you: Get your music up! Listening to your favorite songs while you clean will put you in the mood and the time will pass by.

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