The chemicals list: what do I need to have in my house.

Here you can find some advise on the necessary chemicals and utensils to have in your house for the weekly cleaning. Whether it is your domestic cleaner or yourself doing the house work, there are always some essential tools to get the best results.

We can make a difference between “the essentials” and “the advance option”, depending on your preferences. If you are not a cleaning maniac and consider other parts of your life more important than having your silver cleaned every week, then the “essentials list” would be enough for you. If, on the other hand, you take care of your house as if it was a golden chamber, then it would be better to add some extra chemicals/tools that will add up sparkle to your cleaning life.

Let’s go with the “essentials list” first:

  1. Gloves. Do not expect your domestic cleaner to brush your toilet without them; it is not only disgusting but a health and safety risk. If you do not want your house cleaner to use your washing up gloves, buy another pair for her.
  2. A vacuum cleaner. This will not be used on carpet only, but all floors around the house. It is quicker than the broom, thus saving time for the cleaner to do other things around the house. Remember that every vacuum is a different world so do not leave your cleaner to explore it without you; give her some tips on how to use it and how to change the bag!
  3. A broom. It is always advisable to have a back up plan in case the vacuum cleaner breaks down.
  4. A dustpan. If you have a broom you will definitely need a dustpan.
  5. A mop. Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom floor on your knees is not easy. Having a proper mop and bucket will ease the job enormously.
  6. Several dishcloths. We are again talking about Health and Safety. Your domestic cleaner will need to use different cloths for each task and room (it would be better if they are color coded), otherwise we can create cross contamination, putting your health in danger.
  7. Yellow duster. It is the cheapest cloth you can buy on the market, and the best one to do the dusting and polish the furniture. You can wash them and re-use them with no problem.
  8. Nylon cleaning pads. They work much better than sponges to clean stubborn stains but they do not scratch the surfaces.
  9. Bin liners.
  10. Kitchen towels. They absorb the water extremely well and are great to clean glass and shiny surfaces. It will help your domestic cleaner and will leave your house like you have never seen it before!
  11. Wood or laminate floor cleaner.
  12. Glass cleaner.
  13. Toilet cleaner.
  14. Oven cleaner.
  15. All purpose anti bacterial cleaner. You can buy bathroom and kitchen cleaner if you prefer.
  16. Furniture polish-wax free.
  17. Limescale remover.
  18. Hob cream cleaner.

What about the “Deluxe” list? Apart from the chemicals and utensils listed above you will need to add this ones:

  1. Micro fibre cloths. The best thing about them is that you can clean your windows with no chemical at all! They are a little bit more expensive but they are re-usable, so at the end you are saving money.
  2. Lambswool flick duster. It attracts dust the best and you can reach high corners and top of wardrobes and doors.
  3. Silver cleaner.
  4. Granite and marble cleaner.
  5. Wax polisher. For wooden furniture and antiques.
  6. Degreasing cleaning spray. Very useful for the kitchen; it does not only clean but takes the grease out of wardrobes and surfaces.

Every house is different and people’s preferences change with time, so do not take this lists as a must have. It is always advisable to share the list with your domestic cleaner and see if she is comfortable with the list.

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