Amy charity

The Amy Charity can help by providing deserving people in need a cleaner without any agency fee.

There are currently some more available spaces for people in need of help.

We would like to thank our customers for making this possible, basically for each 100 paying customers, we are then able to offer a deserving person or household this charitable help so we thank all Amy customers for their kindness.

A lovely example of where the Amy Charity is able to help is the assistance we can give to two 94 and 98 year old women who have lived together for 56 years. They live in North West London and admit they are both very fragile so their everyday cleaning needs have become extremely difficult for them.

The 98 yr old has to go out every day and buy lunch/dinner for them to eat as they are both unable to use the cooker due to their illnesses. We are currently in the progress of trying to find a company that would organise and arrange lunch/dinner for them, so that they would not need to buy food everyday and would save them a lot of money.

These two lovely women totally fitted the Amy charity as they were truly in need for a cleaner. Simple tasks we take for granted had become difficult for them. We visted them to ascertain how much cleaning they needed and what their cleaning requirements would be. They were very helpful and made it very clear from the beginning what they needed. It was a pleasure meeting and helping them by providing them a cleaner without any agency fee

The cleaner says “They are both lovely and I am very happy to clean for them”.

We are very pleased to have helped these lovely two elderly ladies and thanks to the kindness of our customers we are always looking for more people who we can help and fit the Amy Charity criteria.

The Amy Charity is simple, if you are or know someone with a disability, or whom is elderly and is deserving help as they have been kind to others and is struggling with their everyday cleaning/ironing needs then simply give us a call. It the charity is popular and places do get filled up quickly but please do contact us as we would love to be able to help.

We will take a few details over the telephone from you, just to give us an idea of the help that is required. We will then book an appointment with you so that we can complete a home visit and if eligible we can then allocate a cleaner. So please don’t struggle in silence and give us a call on 0845 062 9999.

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