Winter cleaning

We are all familiar with term “spring clean” and surely everyone will agree that a deep clean is a must in each household at least annually. But how about preparing your house for winter?

Living in a region with changing seasons, like Britain where winters get cold, it is very likely that your home will be closed up all winter long therefore winter clean is just as important as spring clean. First reason is of course health. The second reason is because with the holiday season, you will most probably be a host to lots of parties. Last but not least, for most people Christmas season brings more stuff into the house; presents as well as dirt and germs. Clean now to prepare for these unwelcome additions and keep your mind at rest.

We have listed a few of the “musts ” for winter deep cleaning.

1. Clean your skirting boards. We always vacuum, steam clean our carpets, sweep and mop floors, scrub tiles…but often neglect the skirting boards. It is easy enough. First vacuum the area with your attachment, or rather the hose, then use a mild solution to wipe them down.

2. Clean the air vents. Those will give you unnecessary dust if neglected. Unscrew them from the wall if you can, remove, clean them well and put them back on. Makes a big difference. Remember you will have a sealed house for the winter and the heat on almost constantly.

3. Dust ceiling and freestanding fans. Dirty fans will blow dust around once heated so please pay attention to them. Turn the ceiling fan off, stand on a chair or small ladder, and wipe the blades down with whatever solution is appropriate for the material the fan is made of. Wipe the top of the blade, and not just the edges. Take apart a freestanding fan by unscrewing the cage around the fan if needed. Reassemble and resume use after cleaning carefully.

4. Vacuum your upholstery. If you have pets, perhaps you do this regularly, but for those of us who don’t, we sometimes neglect this. Take the cushions off after you vacuum those, and clean underneath.

5. Sanitize the trash cans. Scrub and rinse them inside and out. Doing this outside with the hose works well, if you’re still able to go outside and not freeze your fingers!

6.Twice a year (summer and winter), you should clean all of the mattresses in the house to keep dust mites under control. Vacuum the top of the mattress, move the mattress and vacuum the box springs, then flip the mattress and vacuum the new top of the mattress. For further protection add an allergenic mattress pad and wash your sheets in hot water.

Pay extra attention to humidity of your house. Perhaps it’s worth investing in humidifier now or using alternative methods such as bowl of boiled water. The air will get very dry with your windows shut through the winter and that heating on.

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