Too lazy to do house cleaning

I’ve recently red about the new Dettol HABIT study and I have to say it is quite scary. The poll was done on 2000 people in the UK and questions ranged from personal hygiene to house cleaning; and let me tell you, we fail on both!

People are slipping in personal hygiene standards as well as a list of household cleaning jobs. The sad thing is that most of the times this happens because of laziness or people not caring to much.

10% of adults polled said that the last time they cleaned their toilet was two weeks ago. 1/4 of people usually change their bedsheets once every month.

Looking at the kitchen, 1/5 of people haven’t clean or disinfected their fridge in over a year. And 50% do not clean work tops in the kitchen until they are really dirty.

It is true that in a way “not so clean” spaces will make us stronger (our immune system will have the chance to fight back), but a little bit of hygiene doesn’t hurt anybody I guess!

5 thoughts on “Too lazy to do house cleaning

  1. does bleach kill mold

    I like this post very much!!! Just wanted to say that sometimes i am also become very lazy to clean up my house. Very Interesting and Entertaining post!!!

  2. spring cleaning

    I agree with you people do let standards slip.It is important to keep hygiene levels up in and around the home.

  3. anne

    Correct. In addition, clean indoors avoids insects and germs. Home cleaning should be enjoyed by the whole family.

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