The best carpet stain remover

I came across a research from Wich? yesterday regarding carpet stain removers. It is quite interesting and it proves that sometimes a little can go quite far.

Experts conducting the research found that in most cases using washing up liquid to clean fresh stains on the carpet works better than any costly cleaning product we have on the market.

Washing up liquid diluted in water proved to be as good as any other cleaning product to remove most of the stains (fresh or dried) except chocolate and coffee, being as effective as 13 out of the 17 products tested by Which?

But if you still put your hands up for specialized cleaning products for your carpet stains you should know that there is no need to spend a fortune on them. The Which? research showed that the best carpet stain removers are the ones from your supermarket brand; so forget about the big brands!

At the end of the day the key on removing stains from a carpet is on the elbow (check our previous article on this).

Do you have any trick to get rid of nasty stains on your carpet? Share with us!

15 thoughts on “The best carpet stain remover

  1. cleany

    Great article your right expensive cleaning products are not usually better than soapy water and elbow grease

  2. andrew@carpet cleaning Dublin

    Yor advice is really practical, It does need to be stressed while there are a number of products that can be used to clean carpets but in moderation things like vineger for example are an acid when it comes to stubborn stains it may be advisible to contact an expert

  3. Taylor Allen

    You’ve featured some really handy tips, especially that supermarket brand carpet stain remover is just as good as the big brands, if not better! Thanks for the post!

  4. Henry and freinds

    Just like a lot of cleaning products on the market today that costs money it’s the everyday cheap products that you don’t think of that do the job better.

  5. Shane Daley

    I want to go against the grain on this. I’ve seen this so many times before. All sorts of people all around the web are suggesting that cleaning carpet stains can be done using household products.
    I’ve seen examples such as bicarbonate soda, johnsons baby lotion, vinegar, turps, washing up liquid ext,,,
    The people who are suggesting these sorts of products have zero knowledge about what they are suggesting.
    Carpet cleaning products are constantly under review. They get improved on a regular basis. The people who create them are expert chemists in their field. They don’t play around all day in their work. They are constantly revising the products and improving them.
    I think these cooking ingredients and other products should only be used for the correct purpose. The cleaning solutions for stains on carpets should always be used. Otherwise it is like putting source in your cars engine instead of oil.
    Don’t you think that cooking ingredients suggested for cleaning carpet are best left in the larder?

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  7. Aquawave

    Although I tend to agree that strong chemical carpet cleaners are over rated as well as expensive, they are some instances when you cannot simply use household goods such as vinegar for shifting stains. Each stain has to be treated individually and some can be shifted with household products, and others will need a carpet stain remover…

  8. Paul Yates

    We have always found the PROCHEM carpet cleaning products very good and they provide great results when carpet cleaning at homes around Liverpool.

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