The use of antibacterial cleaning products

antibacterialWe recently red some news about the possible dangers of using antibacterial soaps. Some recent studies suggest that the overuse of antibacterial soaps may help create drug-resistant germs.

Antibacterial products have been used on the health sector for decades. It has only been recently that antibacterial cleaning products have become “a norm” for private households and families. It has been so extended that almost half of the soaps/chemicals on sale contain antibacterial agents, such as triclosan and triclocarban.


But, apparently, scientists are starting to get worried. They are still unsure whether antibacterial cleaning products work any better than the good old soap and water to keep germs below dangerous levels.

Soapy water wash away germs; antibacterial products kill everything, even bacteria that are helpful to the body because they keep other dangerous bugs at bay, experts say.

Scientists are warning to use antibacterial products just when needed, that is, when taking care of a child or sick person. Indeed, recent research suggests that antibacterial soaps and chemicals my encourage the growth of “super bugs” resistant to antimicrobial agents.

What do you think about the findings? Do you think this “antibacterial fever” on the consumer market is a marketing strategy to sell more products or in fact we need these cleaning products to survive?

7 thoughts on “The use of antibacterial cleaning products

  1. Kelly Dougard

    I think these are perfectly valid findings. This is also a problem for medicine as more antibiotics are being prescribed to more people. Anti bacterial cleaner have their place but marketing has been scaremongering for a long time.

  2. Ellie

    We like the good old fashion way of soap and water, although we do use antibacterial products too.
    Thanks for sharing this article with us really makes us wonder what products out there really works.


  3. Amanda

    Too much is never enough. I mean that focusing too much on how to ensure healthy surrounding for the family, can end with an epic fail. You cannot count too much on antibacterial products. I prefer water and natural soap that kids like.

  4. Elise

    Anti-bacterial products should be used in moderation, just like antibiotics. They are good in some cases, but we don`t really want to destroy all of the microbes and bacteria, because some of them help us.

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