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Cleaner of the month: August 2010

medalOur Best Cleaner Award this month goes to Irena Sztorc. She started in June and her communication with the agency since then is very good. Irena has a vast experience in cleaning houses and also as a cleaner supervisor.

One of our clients has increased the hours after having Irena working for them:
Sally: “Irena has done a tremendous job in our home and I would like to increase the weekly hours of her cleaning.”

We would like to thank Irena for her hard work!

Cleaner of the month: June 2010

medalOur Best Cleaner Award this month goes to Maria Ana. She started in April and since then she has been doing an excellent job.

Some of her clients’ feedback:

“Maria is absolutely fantastic – I would like to increase her hours per week please.”

“Thank you for sending Maria; she did a really good job.”

“I’m very happy with Maria’s work. She is experienced and very trustworthy.”

Cleaners of the month (July)

This July we had two new cleaning awards at http://www.amycleaning.co.uk.

Corina started with us last year. From the beginning we have received great comments from the customers that she clean for and she is a very honest and hard working person.

Anna has been with us for two years already. She is working for several regular customers and her job is excellent. She is also very willing to take on replacement jobs when needed thus helping us to organise the holiday replacements more easily!

Congratulations and a big thank you to both of them!

Cleaners of the Month (February)

The Cleaner of the Month Award has been up and running for quite a while already at http://www.amycleaning.co.uk. From this month we will be updating the blog on this matter as a big thank you for these cleaners that always go the extra mile to help the customers. So here they are, the Cleaners of the Month for February!

Margarita. She has been with us for a while already. The feedbacks from the customers are great and we even had a new client recommending his friend to join because of Margarita’s outstanding service.

Maricela. She started several months ago. Since she got the first job she has proved to be a really good cleaner (and person!). Customers are very happy with her services and she also kept some holiday replacements as permanent clients.