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How to get the best cleaner

1293173_excellenceIt can all seem very straightforward when you decide to get domestic help. You think through a list of requirements and either write a brief add to go on your local shop window or call an agency. However your initial interview with a cleaner, whether agency sent or found through other sources, quite often can become a one way communication with clients firing out requirements and failing to listen or ask. This then very often leads to problems in future and eventually cleaner leaving. There are lots of factors that might determine your decision on which cleaner to choose such as experience, knowledge of language, general attitude and many more.

If you are going through the agency and pay an agency fee you expect to get all the factors named above taken into consideration and all the requirements met in return.

One of the most common requirements for clients will always be having a cleaner come on a specific day and time. Here at Amy cleaning we have discovered that most of the clients would like their house cleaned before the weekend. Therefore Thursdays and Fridays are our busiest days. Good cleaners get fully booked for those days very quickly. We do of course understand and follow your preferences at all times, however our aim is to offer a cleaner who will stay with you long term. Flexibility with day gives clients a much wider spectrum of cleaners to choose from and therefore possibility of getting the very best that the agency has to offer increases dramatically. Clients would often choose end of the week regardless and we are very happy to serve such clients too but we always advise to take the above into consideration before making your final decision.

Clients do also prefer cleaners with fluent English. Most of the agencies will not have cleaners who do not speak English, however it is important to understand that levels of their knowledge might vary greatly. Poor English may not necessary mean a bad cleaner. In fact, it is often quite the opposite. Cleaner who does not speak well, will always try her hardest and will go the extra mile for client as she will be aware that there are others with better language skills who can replace her very easily. Such cleaners are also more likely to look at cleaning as long term job rather than a temporary stop over between changing jobs therefore they will stay with clients a lot longer.

Here at Amy Cleaning we also have a very multicultural office staff that is always happy to help with passing on instructions or any specific messages to your cleaner in their own native tongue in those rare cases when you may have trouble communicating to them.

Cleaner of the month: April 2010

This month Lily is the cleaner of the month. She started in January 2010 and since then she has been amazing with customers and agency!

Some of her clients’ feedback:

“I’m really happy with Lily. I met her last week and she came to clean for the first time last Thursday. She did a great job and it was so nice to come home to a clean house.”

“Everything is fine, thanks. Lilly is great!”

“Lily did an excellent job today! Please pass on my thanks”

Well done Lily!

Cleaner of the month: March 2010

This month Guljan has been awarded with the “Best cleaner award”. She started working with us on November last year. She has always proved to be very professional, showing good knowledge of cleaning and customer care.

Some of her clients’ references:

“We are indeed very happy with Guljan – she came in today and did an excellent job again.”

“We are very happy with Guljan and the services provided.”

“Dear all,  just wanted to say that Guljan cleaned my flat last week and indeed did a very good job. I was much impressed!

Thank you for your hard work Guljan!

Cleaner of the month, February 2010

Vilma is the new cleaner of the month for February at https://www.amycleaning.co.uk. She started working with us on February 2007, and since then we have not received any complain from her clients. She is an amazing person, kind and hard worker as well as a very good cleaner who care about her customers.

One of Vilma’s clients said: “very happy with Vilma thanks – she does a great job!”.

Another client said: “Everything is going really well with Vilma!

Congratulations Vilma!

Cleaner of the month (January 2010)

This time round, at https://www.amycleaning.co.uk we have one excellent cleaner of the month: Carolina. She has been cleaner of the month before, but after showing such high level of care to her customers we think she deserves to be cleaner of the month again.

Here are some of the comments from her clients:

“We were very satisfied with Carolina’s cleaning on Friday…she had done a very good job!”

“Just a quick note to say that Carolina did an excellent job on my flat today – it has been really well cleaned!”

“Carolina is the best cleaner I have had.”

“We’re very happy with Carolina, she’s doing an excellent job.”

“I just wanted to say that Carolina was fantastic today. Thank you again for recommending her. She is incredibly professional and efficient. My flat has never looked so good.”

Congratulations Carolina and a big thank you from the team at http://www.amycleaning.co.uk!

Cleaners of the month: November

This Christmas season at http://www.amycleaning.co.uk we have two new cleaners of the month:

Agnieszka  started working for us some years ago. Since then, she has proved to be a good cleaner and reliable person. She has also recommended some of her friends to work for us. She has always been very helpful when in contact with the agency.

Anna  joined the agency on March this year. We already have some good feedback from her clients and she has proved to be very patience and understanding all the way.

Well done and Congratulations!

Cleaner of the month, October 2009

This October at https://www.amycleaning.co.uk we have two great cleaners awarded with the Cleaner of the month award.

Jacko  joined us in 2007. Since then she has been working for several regular clients and the feedback received is always good. Some recent clients, such said that they are happy with the service and that she is great!

Diana  has been with us only for some months. But since then all clients have been extremely happy with her. We have no complaints so far and she always calls us in case there is any problem. We can say that she is a really good cleaner without hesitation!

Cleaners of the month (July)

This July we had two new cleaning awards at http://www.amycleaning.co.uk.

Corina started with us last year. From the beginning we have received great comments from the customers that she clean for and she is a very honest and hard working person.

Anna has been with us for two years already. She is working for several regular customers and her job is excellent. She is also very willing to take on replacement jobs when needed thus helping us to organise the holiday replacements more easily!

Congratulations and a big thank you to both of them!