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House cleaning robots

Improvement in the domestic lives have been massive on the past century. House cleaning has benefited from this thanks to the up-rise of the robotic cleaners.

There are hundreds of robotic vacuums and “mops” on the market and people seem to be happy about the change of house cleaning “machinery”.

But, how good are they? are they really better than the usual hoover or mop?

We have to agree that their compact size makes it easier to go into hard-to-reach areas, so there is no need to move furniture around.

Also they remove all kinds of dust, and even pet hair, better than the usual stuff, and this is great news for allergy sufferers.

These robot cleaners are made specially for busy people as you can program them and forget about it, knowing well that it will do its job at the set time.

But not everything is so straightforward. I think that one of the downsides of these robots is the fact that they tend to miss corners and can only clean flat surfaces (so the need to have a regular vacuum cleaner to do the odd bit here and there is obvious).

There is also a lot of people that have complained about the noise they produce and the price.

Do not think that by buying one of these robots you can stick cleaning out of your chores list; you will still need to do some “elbow dance” to remove tough stains, as they are not able to do this by themselves.

I have seen some of these robots in action and they look like a lunatic creature trying to find their way out of the room. It is kind of funny, but I have my reserves about these robots in terms of replacing the traditional way of cleaning; nothing like a good domestic cleaner happy to go the extra mile (robots don’t do this)!

Do you have any “robotic experience”? What do you think about this new technology? Share your thoughts!